At Segway, we develop systems; not individual components. It's an approach that combines expertise in the following areas:

Dynamic stabilization
That's fancy speak for the technology that enables balancing. It's proprietary and delivers incredible maneuverability (true zero turning radius), a small footprint and a fantastically unique riding experience.

Electric propulsion
In addition to being clean and extremely efficient, electric propulsion enables fine adjustments to be made to each wheel (for accurate turning and a smooth ride), and a precise, software-based approach to traction control and braking.

Smart battery management
Segway is one of the world's largest customers of large format batteries, and was at the forefront of the development of Lithium Ion batteries for transportation. We've learned a lot about the advanced sensing required to allow for more efficient energy use that leads to a longer battery life. Add in regenerative braking capability (recharging while decelerating) and that's some smart battery management.

Advanced sensing
You may feel as though the Segway PT can read your mind. It's not magic. It's the combination of propulsion, energy, inertial sensing and an incredibly straightforward user interface that enables a ride that will force you to hold back a smile. Hopefully someday you'll have a chance to try it out and feel good about your commute instead of fearing it.

Mechanical controls are so yesterday. We're all about using the latest in sensory technology to enable safe control through redundant systems that provide input for acceleration, braking, steering and other functions.

Straightforward user interfaces
When you feel it, you know it. Segway's approach to user control is that of minimalism. We want to encourage a natural connection between rider and machine. Our innovative sensing technologies allow us to look beyond traditional controls and deliver something better.

Digital dashboard
Get all the information you need about system operation through connected devices. Speed, battery life and other connectivity information are all conveyed over a secure wireless connection to a handheld device that can be mounted on the dash.

All of our products incorporate elements of our digital transportation architecture to provide an intuitive, electric, personal mobility experience like no other.

Segway Personal Transporters (PTs)
Segway PTs, out and about

The Segway PT represents the next generation in clean, personal mobility, offering several advancements beyond our first generation models that make the ride even more efficient and productive than ever before.

Consumers can choose from our sleek flagship model, the Segway i2 SE, the off-road Segway x2 SE or fully equipped packages for commuters and adventure riders. The Segway i2 SE is a great way to enjoy the ride while commuting to work, running errands or just traveling a short distance where a car is more hassle than it's worth. The Segway x2 SE brings added versatility to your world, offering a sturdy ride on more rugged terrain such as a trail, bike path or beach.

Businesses worldwide have discovered the increased mobility and enhanced productivity the versatile and reliable Segway i2 SE consistently delivers. It was designed to ensure speed, range and maneuverability in varied environments. Our specific packages are tailored to the needs of security and commercial customers. And, an additional range of accessories can be added for to further enhance customization.

Police and Security Agencies
Police and security agencies worldwide are using Segway products to patrol airports, transit stations, manufacturing facilities, shopping malls and campuses. Check out the versatile Segway i2 SE Patroller, optimized for policing needs with additional cargo and reflectivity options.

For businesses and security agencies operating in outdoor environments, the Segway x2 SE maximizes performance on diverse off-sidewalk terrain. Equipped with standard lithium-ion batteries and low-pressure tires, this rugged version of our venerable Segway PT makes tackling rough terrain a breeze.

Segway Robotic Mobility Platform

RMP Models

The Segway Robotic Mobility Platform (RMP) takes the performance and engineering prowess demonstrated in the Segway PT and adapts it to an even more durable package for robotics applications. Segway RMPs are extremely reliable and customizable transportation platforms that are suitable for moving heavy payloads in tight spaces over a wide a variety of terrain.

Segway Advanced Development

Segway Advanced Development Projects
Segway is continually leveraging existing technologies and expertise to develop forward-thinking concepts that seek to address today's urban transportation challenges. While some solutions exist only in prototype form, they demonstrate the capabilities of technology that could be quickly developed and deployed.

In 2009, Segway announced the Project P.U.M.A. prototype as part of an ongoing collaboration with General Motors (GM) and recently introduced the EN-V Project in conjunction with GM/SAIC. Both concepts combine existing dynamic stabilization technology and electric propulsion, connectivity, and sensory capabilities to combat growing urban congestion and pollution issues.